The project is realized by informal group “Przeszłość dla przyszłości” (Past for the Future), including, among others:

  • mayor of Kuźniczysko village – commonly working for the village and local communities,
  • passionate historian, who together with village local Fundacja Wspierania Dziedzictwa Kulturowego “Żarna” (Foundation of Supporting Cultural Heritage – Quern), were already realized two editions of history project meant for local communities,
  • resident-volunteers, who want the best for village, gladly engaging in improving the life quality of residents.

The most important of Group’s activities is memory of the past and preserve it’s traces. Group was created for Fundacja “Żarna” initiative, realizing their projects on village area. The projects initiated the activities of the Group and orientated it.

Kuźniczysko village, similar to other Lower Silesia localities, by history swirl after 1945, became combination of many cultures. Distinctiveness and traditions brought to this land by our ancestors, over the years are fading away and falling into oblivion.

Since 2014, Fundacja Wspierania Dziedzictwa Kulturowego “Żarna” is realizing history projects in Kuźniczysko village, engaging it’s residents. With every next project, recipients were more engaged in it’s realizations.

Planned third edition of “Podmuchy historii” (Gusts of the History) is project initiated fully by Kuźniczysko’s residents, who were very engaged in previous editions and decided to continue it in extended form, basing on experience and knowledge gained by foundation during previous actions.

History publication, with printout funded from money obtained by Fundacja “Żarna”, excited residents with local history awareness and desire to honour learned history.